Sauteed Squash Blossoms

I know that exotic foods are not typically on lists of foods with sulfites, so it is always a gamble when I try something a little unusual – but these were definitely worth the risk! I had no reaction at all – and they are so simple and delicious! They are in season for me now and I am haunting the farmers market looking for them!

  • Squash blossoms (My rule is – make as much as you can get your hands on!)
  • Olive oil (I would say about a tablespoon for every 10 or so blossoms) I am also going to try this with an oil that has a higher smoke point than olive oil – safflower perhaps?)
  • Sea salt (to taste – you know I can’t tell you how much, I always want more salt than you!)

Warm the oil on a medium high heat in a frying pan. Add salt. When pan is hot, add blossoms. Keep the blossoms moving constantly in the pan. Cook until blossoms are wilted and just starting to caramelize (you will know when they start to slightly brown).


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4 Responses to Sauteed Squash Blossoms

  1. ange says:

    Yum. I stuff these with a mixture of lightly sauteed zuchinni mixed with lemon zest, herbs (mint) and ricotta, then dip in a water/flour batter and fry in good olive oil

    • Tracy says:

      That sounds yummy, too! You don’t react to ricotta? I haven’t had cheese in a long time – I would love to add some back in.

      • ange says:

        I’m okay if its made in the deli usually. But its pretty easy to make a version with lemon juice into hot milk, strain through a cheese cloth, wind into a ball and hang over a tap (my sister lived in India for years, its technically paneer but works fine)

    • Tracy says:

      I made paneer last night – you are right, it is awesome!!

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