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Matar Paneer

OK, truth be told, this isn’t exactly the traditional flavor because it lacks the onion, but it was still darn tasty and got me all warmed up. I may still experiment with a few Indian spices along the way and … Continue reading

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Basic Guacamole

This is a basic guacamole recipe that I make all the time – and it is a base for lots of other options and flavors to be added, depending on your taste )and what you have on hand!). I put … Continue reading

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Marissa’s Last Minute White Bean Dip

This is a good addition to a dip tray that includes guacamole and salsa or as a stand alone spread for bread. I just made this and it is delicious, but here I sit at the computer because my friend Marissa is waiting for … Continue reading

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Raw Chocolate Brownies

My friend Nora gave me this recipe and I modified it to be sulfite free (but not by much – her recipe was awesome!). It is simple and super healthy, I think you are going to love it!   1 … Continue reading

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Awesome Almond Cheese

OK – I must admit – one of the hardest things to give up has been cheese – I loves me some cheese. Probably because I am craving it because of this darned allergy – but still – LOVE IT! … Continue reading

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Hot Wing Sauce

Ok – I have to admit – I have been having a craving – a big bad craving for hot wings. You remember hot wings – one of those things that you resigned yourself to never eating again because seriously … Continue reading

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Yummy Hummus (Yummus??)

So I have been jonesing for hummus of late and so I bought some Fig Foods Organic chickpeas with no real plan in mind – but boy oh, boy is this a little dip of heaven! 1 box Fig Foods … Continue reading

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