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Delectable Duck Ham

    I don’t know about you, but I miss ham. A lot (I also miss bacon, but that is a story for another day). However, as pork is off the menu, this alternative is a delicious way to make … Continue reading

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Awesome Avocado Chocolate Pudding

  Yeah, you heard me. I know you think the sulfites have finally gotten to me and I have gone off my rocker, but I am telling you – this pudding is so much awesome that I have shared it … Continue reading

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Sauteed Squash Blossoms

I know that exotic foods are not typically on lists of foods with sulfites, so it is always a gamble when I try something a little unusual – but these were definitely worth the risk! I had no reaction at … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Cornbread

I went without cornbread for 2 years because I was under the mistaken assumption that ANY corn product was sulfited. Turns out, it is only the wet processed corn that is sulfited – dry processed products are just fine! 1 … Continue reading

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Basic Guacamole

This is a basic guacamole recipe that I make all the time – and it is a base for lots of other options and flavors to be added, depending on your taste )and what you have on hand!). I put … Continue reading

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Marissa’s Last Minute White Bean Dip

This is a good addition to a dip tray that includes guacamole and salsa or as a stand alone spread for bread. I just made this and it is delicious, but here I sit at the computer because my friend Marissa is waiting for … Continue reading

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Better Beef Jerky

Now, if you are intolerant to sulfur, you may not be able to have this, but if you are ok with it, this was pretty easy to make and delish! I have been looking for things to make for travel, … Continue reading

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