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Sauteed Sorrel

OK – so I just stumbled across sorrel at the farmer’s market and had no idea what to do with it, so I punted. Ok, that is a lie, I bought lamb’s quarter the same day, got them confused and … Continue reading

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Sauteed Squash Blossoms

I know that exotic foods are not typically on lists of foods with sulfites, so it is always a gamble when I try something a little unusual – but these were definitely worth the risk! I had no reaction at … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Cornbread

I went without cornbread for 2 years because I was under the mistaken assumption that ANY corn product was sulfited. Turns out, it is only the wet processed corn that is sulfited – dry processed products are just fine! 1 … Continue reading

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Simple Salsa

I loves me some salsa and onion free or not, I was NOT going to live without it. The lovage in this is very important – it is the only herb I have ever found that mimics an onion flavor. … Continue reading

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Roasted Roma Tomatoes

I know some folks with sulfites issues have trouble with tomatoes, but it isn’t technically a sulfite issue, so I wanted to include it. Proceed with caution if you have multiple sensitivities! 10 – 25 Roma tomatoes Olive Oil Sea … Continue reading

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Lamb stuffing

What are the holidays without stuffing? I have to be honest, I hated stuffing when I was growing up – turns out it was the one and only thing that mom couldn’t make – so I worked hard overcoming my early poor … Continue reading

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Slow cooker refried beans

As I learn more about what I can and cannot eat, I keep looking for new ways to add variety to my diet, but often I find I am just adding a bunch of work. This recipe is super easy … Continue reading

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Sauteed Green Beans

OK – this is more of a how-to than a recipe, but I have gotten a couple of requests for simpler food for some folks who are very sensitive and are trying to keep things to only a few ingredients … Continue reading

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Matar Paneer

OK, truth be told, this isn’t exactly the traditional flavor because it lacks the onion, but it was still darn tasty and got me all warmed up. I may still experiment with a few Indian spices along the way and … Continue reading

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Basic Guacamole

This is a basic guacamole recipe that I make all the time – and it is a base for lots of other options and flavors to be added, depending on your taste )and what you have on hand!). I put … Continue reading

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